Advanced Usage§

Interlinking HTML Output§

Hieroglyph supports linking between slides and HTML output, such as from the Sphinx HTML builders. In order to do this successfully, the slide and HTML builders used must correspond to one another. That is, the SlideBuilder must be used with the StandaloneHTMLBuilder, and the DirectorySlideBuilder must be used with the DirectoryHTMLBuilder.

For example, runnning:

$ make html slides

Will generate HTML and slides if interlinking is enabled. See Interlinking HTML Output for information on enabling interlinking in the configuration.

Custom Themes§

Hieroglyph themes are based on Sphinx’s HTML themes. Themes are either a directory or zipfile, which contains a theme.conf file, templates you wish to override, and a static/ directory which contains images, CSS, etc.

When defining a slide theme, inherit from the slides theme for basic support. For example, the single-level them has the following theme.conf:

inherit = slides
stylesheet = slides.css

custom_css =

See the Sphinx documentation for themes for more information.

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