Styling Slides§


  • Slides are contained in <article> elements
  • Each slide has an HTML id that corresponds to the permalink ID generated by Sphinx (for example, you’re currentling reading styling).
  • The heading level is added as a class; ie, level-2
  • Slides may be styled using a theme, or custom CSS.

Included Themes§

Hieroglyph includes two themes.


Two slides levels: the first level of headers become “section” headers, and the second become the real content.


Only one style of slide, every slide has a title at the top.

Setting the Theme§

You can set your theme using the slide_theme configuration setting.

slide_theme = 'single-level'

If you’re using a custom theme, you can also set the directory to look in for themes:

slide_theme_path = '...'

Custom CSS§

The standard Hieroglyph themes support adding a custom stylesheet with the slide_theme_options dict in

slide_theme_options = {'custom_css':'custom.css'}

The custom CSS file should be located in the html_static_path (_static by default).

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