Advanced Usage

The slide directive

Instead of (or in addition to) section headings, Hieroglyph also includes a directive that may be used to indicate a Slide should be created. The directive may have a title specified, as well as a level parameter.

For example:

.. slide:: The Slide Title
   :level: 2

   This Slide would appear as a level two slide.

Interlinking HTML Output

Hieroglyph supports linking between slides and HTML output, such as from the Sphinx HTML builders. In order to do this successfully, the slide and HTML builders used must correspond to one another. That is, the SlideBuilder must be used with the StandaloneHTMLBuilder, and the DirectorySlideBuilder must be used with the DirectoryHTMLBuilder.

For example, runnning:

$ make html slides

Will generate HTML and slides if interlinking is enabled. See Interlinking HTML Output for information on enabling interlinking in the configuration.

Per-File Configuration

When working with multi-file projects, there may be cases when it is desirable to override the theme or set configuration value for specific files. This can be accomplished using the slideconf directive:

.. slideconf::
   :theme: single-level

Values specified in a slideconf directive override defaults specified in If more than one slideconf appears in a document, only the last one is used.

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